About Karin Dye

Karin teaches orchestra in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She hails from St. Louis, Missouri where she grew up playing Suzuki violin (and later viola) in her public elementary school program. A desire to experience how bad winter really could be brought her to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota where she studied Instrumental Music Education with honors in Viola Performance and had the time of her life. She earned her Masters of Music Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Karin has international teaching experience (general music/guitar/piano in the Dominican Republic), has worked in urban settings through the El Systema program, and currently works in a suburban setting. Karin plays viola in the Corda String Quartet, fiddle in the band St. George's Folly, and piano at home for her dog Seamus. When not working, you can find Karin in her back yard gardening, trail running in her neighborhood, and actively searching for her next cup of coffee.

About The Music Education Advocate 

I formed the Music Education Advocate for two reasons. The first is a desire to disseminate research in a very relaxed medium. I had just completed my graduate degree at the University of Illinois and felt I had so much research I wanted to share with the teaching community. However, I know the realities of teaching and working in music education. As much as we want to read academic literature and keep up with our ever changing field, at the end of the day we often come home too exhausted to even make dinner. I wanted to create content that was informative and helpful, but might also make you laugh. The second is a desire to share all of the new knowledge I have uncovered trying to teach music in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I know there are many teachers who could benefit from a bit of tech help, so I hope to create content for those teachers as well. We are an amazing community up against many obstacles, especially now, and I hope you find this site to be an informative and enjoyable resource.