How to make a "Pass the Bow" Compilation Video

by Karin Dye

Have you ever seen those cutesy videos of people passing makeup brushes, balls, paper airplanes etc. from frame to frame? 

Have you ever thought...that would be a cool thing to do with my class?

Here's how!

I teach orchestra so my 9th grade orchestra "passed the bow" for their video. This slide show talks you through how we did that. Feel free to use any of these images with your class. Even if you aren't using a bow, you can explain that the bow represents the ball, plane, baton, or whatever you are using.

The Final Product

Trouble shooting

You need to divide your class up into groups of four. I recommend letting them sign up for their groups. Inevitably you will have an uneven group or a student who doesn't do it. Record yourself to fill those gaps. And that's it! You're done!